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On-Site Bakery Assessment

Start with frozen dough and enjoy baking amazing-quality creations that your customers love, all without the extra time, effort and cost.

Book your on-site baking assessment below and let our experts help you discover how frozen dough can grow your business.

An Innovation in Baking

Let our experts walk you through how a partnership with Suprima will maximise your bakery's profits and streamline your processes.
Our on-site bakery assessment will be your first step towards a more efficient and profitable bakery, all while offering your customers more consistent and premier products. 

Our On-Site Assessment will take you through products and pricing for margin maximisation, productivity optimisations, and waste reduction opportunities. Once scheduled, our experts will come to your business and assess equipment and general efficiencies, then walk you through our product range. Lastly, they will ensure you are set up to use the Ordermentum App and help you plan for your first order. 

Get started with dough today

Book your on-site assessment now and have one of our experts:

  • Help assess you bakeries efficiencies, opportunities and processes
  • Walk you through our products and pricing to find profit maximising opportunities
  • Get you started with a free frozen dough sample

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Who is Suprima?

Our mission at Suprima is to help our customers grow, through partnership in innovation, quality, and operation. Suprima is Australia’s largest frozen dough manufacturer and has a wide range of products including loaves, breads, rolls, buns, sourdoughs, and more.

What is Frozen dough?

Here Suprima we use top quality products to make a wide array of doughs. Then all our manufactured doughs are immediately frozen to lock in the freshness. We do all the mixing, so all you need to do is thaw and shape to your desired needs, proof, then bake.

Why use frozen dough?

A partnership with Suprima can drastically improve your bakeries efficiencies. Using our frozen dough will reduce your reliance on skilled bakers, require less manhours per day, and mean less wastage and more control. Suprima’s frozen dough is an innovation for growth.

Looking for more efficiencies in your bakery?

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